Saturday, April 24, 2010

i did it!

eka pada rajakapotasana...or one legged king pigeon, is one of those poses on my mental asana check list that i must conquer. right there with kurmasana, kapotasana, marichyasana, visvamitrasana, mayurasana. this is not me in the picture, by the way. i'm so eager to get back to yoga so that i can work more on this asana, but sadly i am having to cut yoga this morning. my kitchen is crying for help.

my awesome and talented friend, bonnie is helping me with the kitchen remodel. other than the plumber and john, bonnie's friend who helped build a cabinet, we are doing all the work ourselves. we demolished the tile countertops about 10 days ago and hacked off part of the counter. we installed butcherblock countertops, a stainless sink with a drainboard, faux decorative tin backsplash, new island, total paint job, cabinet door refacing and so on. it's going to look amazing when we finish...if we ever finish. i think we will make some real progress today. but first, jaymes' soccer game against the wildcats. i'm sure the mustangs will win...they always do!

i know i said we'd talk coconuts, but i haven't had any for a while because of my kitchen chaos. to talk about them while not having them around would be sad. so we'll wait for that, ok?

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