Monday, May 24, 2010

stinky civic duty

the last time i was called to jury duty, i got myself excused because i was a nursing mother. so when the letter came in the mail about 3 weeks ago, i thought i'd just do it and get it over with!! but not without a battle!!!!! i had a master plan to get excused right away, but it doesn't seem to be working. i got up early for some 6:30 shaney yoga. as i mentioned before, she teaches an ass-kicker of a class, so i was nice a sweaty at 7:45 when i headed over to the courthouse straight from yoga. i figured that by now, 3 hours into this, i'd have been excused just because of my smell. i mean, i stink!!! maybe i will relocate my self closer to the powers that be.

ok, i've moved right over next to the dude who calls the names. i pray he is not anosmic!

so i've been remodeling my kitchen for about 6 weeks now. it's almost done. but it's the little details that are dragging on and on and on.... once we got the kitchen to a functioning point, getting it finished has been difficult. at least i'm not washing dishes in the bathtub anymore. that was no fun, i tell ya! my back was killing me by doing so, and when i tried to relax in an epsom salt bath, i discovered bits of noodle and organic panda puff cereal floating around me as i bathed. not so fun. but we are in the home stretch now, the miter saw is ready to rumble and it is going to look sooooo good!!! i will post before and after pictures eventually. when bonnie and i started this project, we thought it would be done in less than 2 weeks and no more than $1200. well, we're clearly no experts on these types of estimations! and although i have gone beyond my budget, way beyond, we are still pretty amazed with ourselves! i have stayed below $3000, but that is for a complete kitchen redo!!! i didn't take into consideration my chandelier budget, which amounted to half of the original budget. but i have 4 chandeliers in my kitchen. for those of you not in the know, i m a bit of a chandelier whore. there is a chandelier in every room of my 113 year old house, including 4 in the kitchen and 3 in the master bath. chandeliers are sexy. bathing with noodles floating around you is not sexy. unless you're a chicken.

i know you're all waiting with bated breath for me to talk about coconuts, seeing as how i teased you before with the possibility of such chit chat. anyone who knows me know that i love me some coconuts!!!!!! i was turned onto this amazing and magical treat when i got back from my mexico yoga retreat in january. i spent the better part of the trip sick from the water and picked up a mild case of dengue fever from being eaten alive by mosquitoes. i was super dehydrated and nauseous for several days after returning. there is a restaurant called prasad at my yoga studio. karen pride owns it, and she was our chef at our whidbey island yoga retreat in october. she is amazing. she had mentioned at whidbey the benefits of coconut water, especially the hydration it provides. she sells canned coconut water, but when i picked one out to purchase, she stopped me, saying that she had an even better treat for me. she disappeared for a couple minutes and brought back a FRESH young coconut! she busted that bitch open and stuck in a straw and i gotta tell you, it was like a little slice of heaven. first of all, it is super delish!!!! sweet and fresh tasting!!! i was in love with this new found pleasure and, like many other things in this girl's life, i became obsessed with the coconut. i have 2-4 of them a day. i'm koo koo for coconuts! sure, you can find them at whole paycheck, er, i mean whole foods, but they will cost you about $4 each and you don't want to be shopping at whole paycheck anyhow for a number of reasons. i go to the little asian markets and get them by the case, they end up costing about $1.50 each. see these links and for more info on benefits and how to crack em open. plus, everytime you have one of these delightful little treats, you'll feel like you're on a tropical vacation.

they just called my name! wish me luck. i think my odor just might be workin' for me!!!

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