Saturday, August 14, 2010

my enduring love of moroccanoil

moroccanoil is the most sumptuously yummy hair product around and i am in love! for those of you with curly hair like me, i cannot say enough about it! those of you in the know, well, you know! a few months back, my mom sent me an email telling me all about this liquid gold. it's about $40 a bottle so i briefly scanned her email, all the while thinking to myself "wtf? it sounds great, but really mom? $40 bucks for a bottle of this stuff?" i deleted the email, partly annoyed that she sent such torture. i am a hair product whore. mostly because i am always on the lookout for the perfect goo for my mop. how could mom send me a link to something that was soooo spendy? the last thing i should be spending $40 on is hair crap. i didn't give it another thought until i encountered moroccanoil in person. the smell! the lustrous color! holy shit! i would spend $400 a bottle for this stuff! from the moment i put it in my hair, i was magically transformed into a freakin' hair goddess, my hair was soft, shiny and amazing much like a wella balsam commercial! and the smell! i could drink it! so i fell in love, but i didn't pick up a bottle cuz it's just too damn expensive! it was on my list though. mom came to visit a couple months later, and she came bearing gifts for all of us. i hit paydirt and got the BEST gifts from her...several vintage ceiling tins were among the gifts. i was with her when she bought these gorgeous tins at the alameda navel base flea market a couple years ago. i was soooo jealous because i couldn't afford them. she also brought a beautiful little vintage cabinet that is beyond cute!! she was remodeling her guest house and, as it turned out, to my benefit, she couldn't find a place for these delectable little goodies in her new place. lucky me!!! AND she also brought a bottle of moroccanoil. it was like christmas!!! i used it everyday, portioning out small, precious amounts into my hand, rubbing my hands together and then taking a big whiff of this deliciousness. seriously, you want to eat this stuff!!!! it made my hair amazingly soft and luxurious...and did i mention the smell!??? in july, the hubs and i jetted off to mexico for a much needed vacation...just the two of us. i packed light...bikini, sunscreen, a very light wardrobe, not even my hairdryer. but i took that moroccanoil!!! it comes in a 4 oz. bottle. i didn't remember that this might be a problem until we were in line at airport security. the rule is no more than 3.7 oz. i think. the security peeps ran my toiletry bag through and then opened it up and pulled out my moroccanoil. i panicked!! "oh please, don't take that away! it's sooo expensive and i love it so!" the gal was really nice. "well, it's just over, so i'll let it slide!" i thanked her, so grateful that she didn't confiscate it!!! mexico hair suited me well. like i said, no hairdryer, just ocean water or pool hair, dried in the sun and the finished with my dear moroccanoil was exactly what i needed to look fabulous! no muss, no fuss! my hair never looked so good! the last day of vacation was upon us and as we entered the airport in cabo to return home, i realized that security in mexico might not be so carefree and lenient. i remember how they rifled through my bag the last time i was in mexico in january, overly surveying every item. my concern was elevated to diabolical state. taking my toiletry bag into the bathroom before reaching security, i carefully slipped the glass bottle into my panties before heading through security. scandelous, i know! but it's not like i was smuggling cocaine or migrant farm workers, so i went with it. i made it through without a hitch, and as my hubs headed to the bar, i took at detour to the ladies room to remove the bottle from said crotch and deposit it back into my toiletry satchel. the restroom was waaaaaay down at the other end of the terminal. as i gingerly walked the walk, i grew concerned about the 4 oz. bottle shifting in the crotch of my panties. i walked with my legs pinched together! oh, to have a pair of granny panties about now!!!! i made it to the restroom, breathing a sigh of relief as i entered the ladies lounge and slipped into the first available stall. and then the unthinkable happened. as i was reaching my hand down to retrieve the bottle of preciousness, it slipped out the side and crashed to the floor. mother f#@k!!! really????? i made it allllllll this way and as it shattered on the floor, glass all over, liquid perfection flowing everywhere, i nearly sobbed! this was karma at work. this is what i get for sneaking! shit!!!!!!! i reached down,scooping up as much of the golden goodness as i could, flicking out the shards of glass, rubbing it in my hair, on my sunburned arms and legs, nearly in tears! as i slowly ambled my way to my waiting hubby, my hair literally greasy from all the oil i scooped up from the floor (gross, i know!) i felt like crap. but i sure smelled great.

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